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Monday March 14th, 2016

Foreign Policy and the 2016 Election

James M. Lindsay, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, Director of Studies, and Maurice R. Greenberg Chair
Council on Foreign Relations

Monday March 14, 2016, 4:30 p.m.
Tinkham Veale University Center, Ballroom A
Case Western Reserve University
This program is made possible by the generosity of Ms. Eloise Briskin and sponsored by the
Center for Policy Studies

2015 was a tumultuous year for world politics. China built islands in the South China Sea and devalued its currency. Nations struck a deal on climate change and Iran’s nuclear program. The EU rebuffed Greece’s demands for austerity relief, faced a wave of refugees and was struck by ISIS terrorism. Russia intervened in Syria and Saudi Arabia in Yemen. Then there was North Korea…

2016 may not even have as much good news. How will world affairs influence the U.S. election, what challenges will the next president face, and how is U.S. policy likely to differ depending on who wins?

Jim Lindsay combines rare expertise on international issues, the U.S. foreign policy process, and electoral politics. His own research has covered topics from the George W. Bush revolution in foreign policy to how Congress influenced nuclear weapons policy, and he tracks events in his blog, The Water’s Edge. Join us for a wide-ranging review and discussion.

About Our Guest

Jim Lindsay has written widely on various aspects of American foreign policy and international relations. His book with Ivo H. Daalder, America Unbound: The Bush Revolution in Foreign Policy (Brookings Institution Press, 2003), was awarded the 2003 Lionel Gelber Prize, named a finalist for the Arthur S. Ross Book Award, and selected as a top book of 2003 by The Economist. His other books include Agenda for the Nation (with Henry J. Aaron and Pietro S. Nivola, Brookings Institution Press, 2003), which was named an “Outstanding Academic Book of 2004” by Choice Magazine; and Congress and the Politics of U.S. Foreign Policy (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1994). He has also contributed articles to the op-ed pages of many major newspapers, including the New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times. He writes the blog, The Water’s Edge, which discusses the politics of American foreign policy and the domestic underpinnings of American global power.

Dr. Lindsay holds an AB in economics and political science from the University of Michigan and an MA, MPhil, and PhD from Yale University. He has been a fellow at the Center for International Affairs and the Center for Science and International Affairs, both at Harvard University. He is a recipient of the Pew Faculty Fellowship in International Affairs and an International Affairs Fellowship from the Council on Foreign Relations. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.